Thursday, June 29, 2006

Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris is telling people that Democratic members of congress from Florida are supporting her. Of course, that seems wildly absurd. Furthermore, according to the Orlando Sentinel, the 7 Democratic members of congress from Florida deny this. But Harris has said weird things before:

The incident is another in a list of curious episodes regarding Harris.
In the past, she has claimed the media doctored photos of her, described a nonexistent plot to blow up a power grid in Indiana and urged Florida scientists to treat citrus canker with a solution that turned out to be water.

More recently she has endured an exodus of staff members and has been linked to a defense contractor who pleaded guilty to bribing a former California congressman.

The contractor, Mitchell Wade, also pleaded guilty to giving Harris $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions in 2004.

Harris has said she did not know the contributions violated the law, and she has not been charged with any crimes. She has since donated the money to charity.

What's amazing (or maybe not) is how Harris seems to have no hesitation bending the truth whenever she wants. But it isn't just that: she doesn't just lie, she tells whoppers. Most of us would be embarrassed to tell such stories, or to be caught (as she has been, repeatedly). But that doesn't stop her.

Of course, on second thought, that's not so surprising. Harris' entire political career is based on a lie: namely, that Bush beat Gore in Florida in 2000. She, better than anyone, knows that a lie repeated often enough has the force of truth, and it doesn't really matter how outlandish the lie is. So she's just following in the footsteps of those who went before.


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